Our Philosophy

Balance is essential. The great laws dictate that every reaction is predicated by an equal and opposite reaction, from the ebb and flow of the oceans to the shifting of earth that creates mountains.

The human body is no different. Without balance, an act as seemingly simple as walking can lead to unwanted aches and pains. This is the body’s way of telling us that something can be better – it seeks balance.

With Mechanical Medicine, the power of alignment is the first step towards superior human movement.

Mechanical Medicine. Seek Balance.

About Mechanical Medicine

We are a biomechanics research and development company specializing in the creation of products and services that will help consumers reduce risk of injury and lessen pain caused by malalignment in the body. Technology has produced incredible advancements in the field of medicine, but people are still walking around with shoe inserts based on designs and philosophies established over a hundred years ago.

We believe that biomechanics can usher in a new era of human performance and pain relief by effectively controlling the forces that impact our bodies from the ground up.

All of our work is based in California at The Center For Mechanical Medicine. There, we’re discovering how to revolutionize human movement one step at a time. Utilizing all the latest technology, our performance lab can measure how the body moves and how it reacts to moving objects. This means providing full analysis of the way that bones, joints, and muscles work in conjunction with any sort of movement, athletic or otherwise.

To learn more about the work we do, please visit our performance lab’s website:

Center For Mechanical Medicine