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Meet The Founder of Mechanical Medicine, Dr. Allen Selner

Allen Selner, DPM, is a podiatrist, engineer, and inventor/entrepreneur with extensive experience in biomechanics. He received his BS in Engineering from UC Berkeley and his DPM from California College of Podiatric Medicine.

His interest in combining engineering and medicine led to the development of a new type of surgical procedure for bunions, known as the Tri-Correctional Bunionectomy. This procedure has the best documented results of any published bunion surgery, and he currently has 6 peer review articles published on the procedure.

Dr. Selner served as Medical Director for the sport of roller skating to the US Olympic Committee. This kindled his interest in sports performance and focused his career goals on understanding the mechanical cause of pain and disability. His interest in applying biomechanical knowledge to clinical situations led to the development of a new company, entitled “Mechanical Medicine.”

Dr. Selner holds multiple patents, and has developed an innovative, low cost, adjustable orthotic device, the SelnerTx™. It is Dr. Selner’s and other authors’ opinion that a substantial amount of lower extremity pain and disability is directly related to the poor alignment of the subtalar joint. Over the course of 4 years, the product has evolved into the first truly adjustable orthotic, with a wheel capable of selecting one of 19 different positions to produce optimal alignment and lower extremity function without the need for physician oversight.